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What roles are available?  

Availability are either client-facing consultancy, research professionals, or important internal roles. Follow the link to see more openings.

At Blitt, consultants find common qualities in people such as: 

  • passion, dedication and energy 

  • commitment to high standards and core values 

  • entrepreneurial spirit 

  • interesting personal hobbies and pursuits 

There are four aspects we look for in new recruits, in addition to any industry or functional expertise that may be necessary 

  • Personal accomplishment 

  • Entrepreneurial drive 

  • Problem solving skills 

  • Leadership abilities 

Additionally, we value people with both passion for their area of expertise and specific skills and knowledge to contribute to our clients and teams. 

Serve Clients  

Some individuals join as practice consultants, typically at the Intern or Analyst level, depending on experience. Others may join as specialist or Associate (or some more senior roles) in a specific industry or functional practice. 

Internal Roles  

Our internal services professionals work in roles such as HR, IT, Paralegal and Finance to support our global deployment  and run a world-class organization with a fresh client lists. 

Why Blitt?  

Experienced professionals – those of you currently working or with work experience post-graduation – join us to take your skills to a higher level, or apply them in a new way: 

  • Leverage your business knowledge and experience in a particular sector or function — this can be invaluable in solving client problems 

  • Apply effective problem solving approaches—developing hypotheses, synthesizing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations  

  • Contribute expertise in an industry or function that allows you to collaborate especially well with our teams and clients 

Who we look for?  

Exceptional people from a variety of fields and professions, including finance, government, engineering, law, medicine, and other industries. 

Whatever the background, our size, scale and culture will help you deepen your skills, reach senior-level faster, and increase your impact. 

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