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Blitt Capital has a custom hierarchy plan that may differ from most consulting group.

We have affiliates that bring us clients for a commission without being part of the company taskforce. 

Temporary Consultants and guest field experts, that join us only for the time of a project.

Officers that are hired full-time among which are the content ambassadors and primary associates.

Managers lead TAC teams, Directors lead project divisions and VPs are department heads.

Partners are stakeholders deciding on company direction but not interacting in daily activities.

Managing Partner acts as Chief Executive Officer, while presiding the Partners' meeting.

Blitt Capital was created as a family-business and the Founding Partners beneficiaries are affiliates.

Org. Chart


Temporary Consultants

Part-Time & Interns


VPs & Managers








Brokers & Trustees

Associates, Experts


Graduated from Saint Viateur High School in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in 2008, he moved to the United States for its secondary education where he attended Marymount University in Arlington, VA and subsequently George Mason University. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Actuarial Science in 2012, and completed his graduate work for a Master of Science in Mathematical Science along with a Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science by 2015. Conducting several researches in the field of actuarial science, he worked at the National Social Security Fund in Cote d’Ivoire, where efforts are being made to reform the healthcare, pension and retirement programs. He is currently a Gold Leaf Society member and Managing Partner of Blitt Capital Holding Ltd. His background crossed the laborious fields of investment banking, venture capitalism and hedge fund management. Not to mention his passion for Graphic designs, web applications and informational technology. Today, he is proud to advocate for new entrepreneurs and bootstrappers as part of the Blitt Capital group. 

—  Managing Partner, Blitt Capital

In Blitt Capital jargon, TAC team stand for a team of Technical Analyst Consultants. A typical consulting project will take 1 - 6 months depending on the complexity of the problems being addressed. A typical TAC team is 1 partner or account executive, and 2 Associates or Business Analysts.

The account executive has the relationship with the senior client, sells the work and provides over sight to the team. He is the lead on the project, assigns tasks to team members, and is responsible for structuring the analysis and propose solutions in case investigations. The client initiate hypotheses on its company's profitability, either on inventory shortage, unit sales, overhead costs, supply chain, demand, etc; and Blitt TAC Team gathers data to factually test and verify the hypothesis for better decisions.

Many clients will end up wasting a lot of resources solving the wrong problem--maybe an industry issue or a client-specific issue?

Management consulting is mathematical-backed problem solving.

A partner may lead several projects at the same time and spends 1 day per week on each.

An account executive works full time on its sole client. 

Associates, consultants, or analysts work full time on one project.

TAC Team.

Each Blitt Capital associates, depending on their level, can enter one of the social clubs.

As part of the clubs, they have access to partner's benefits, exclusive offers, event tickets, private equity trading and an ever-growing network of contacts. The Clubs are ranked as follow, in order: 

Gold Leaf Society, Presidents' Circle, Aspen Leaf, Freedom Club,

But they say "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Social Clubs







Temporary Consultants


& Interns


& Managers

Clubs in Blitt


Gold Leaf






Aspen Leaf

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