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Our Services.

Cash Flow Management

Cost Control, Downsizing & Budgeting

Grants and Financing

Taxation and Financial Analysis

Inventory Management

Risk & Resilience

Mergers & Acquisitions 

We solve management issues of Corporate Finance, Compliance, and  Project planning; on retainer, bundle or pay-per-service.

Supply Chain Management & Distribution

Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Strategy & Operations

Startup Advising

Business Modeling

Pricing & Valuation

Graphic Design and Imaging

Illustrations, Brochures, Posters

Badges, IDs and Business cards 
Brand Identity/ Logo Design

Printing Services

Presentation and Video Editing

Web Development

Project Planning & Budgeting

Team Building and Mentoring

Grant Writing and Market Research

PMO Deployment

PMO Scaling & Maintenance

Campaign Review & Recovery

Mobile and Web Apps

Hardware & Software Deployment

Platform-as-a-Service (DaaS, SaaS, IaaS)

Business Intelligence

Cyber Security

Physical & Biometrics

Talent Scouting

Employment Budget

Staff Training, Evaluation & Formation

Drug Screening, Background Check

Hierarchy and Promotion Plans

Conflict Management

Travel Consulting & Office Design

Business Entity Registration

Employee Visas

Experts Testimony

Notary Services & Translation

Copyrights, Patent & Trademarks

Partnership, Contracts & Agreements

Edits & Copy-writing

Promotions & Discounts Management

Branding and Private Labeling

Social Media Community Management

Networking, Events & Sponsorship

Digital Ads & Video Commercial

Regulatory, Forensics & Compliance

External Financial Audit

Management Audit

Financial Perspective Analysis

Survey and Polling

Performance Evaluation

Live Business Data Analysis

BI & Market Reports

In Blitt Capital jargon, TAC team stand for a team of Technical Analyst Consultants. A typical consulting project will take 1 - 6 months depending on the complexity of the problems being addressed. A typical TAC team is 1 partner or account executive, and 2 Associates or Business Analysts.

The account executive has the relationship with the senior client, sells the work and provides over sight to the team. He is the lead on the project, assigns tasks to team members, and is responsible for structuring the analysis and propose solutions in case investigations. The client initiate hypotheses on its company's profitability, either on inventory shortage, unit sales, overhead costs, supply chain, demand, etc; and Blitt TAC Team gathers data to factually test and verify the hypothesis for better decisions.

Many clients will end up wasting a lot of resources solving the wrong problem--maybe an industry issue or a client-specific issue?

Management consulting is mathematical-backed problem solving.

A partner may lead several projects at the same time and spends 1 day per week on each.

An account executive works full time on its sole client. 

Associates, consultants, or analysts work full time on one project.

TAC Team.



& expertise

Blitt Capital © provides financial advisory, project management, corporate consulting, HR, and IT solutions to its clientele.

Easy Process.

Get assigned a TAC Team

We designate you a Pod or build a custom team of Technical Analyst Consultants to work on your Mgmt request. You also get an account executive for 24/7 assistance. We may even invite a field emeritus. :P


Free Consult

We will dedicate up to a whole hour of free advisory services to understand your business/individual needs, and give you first-aid solutions and inferred expert actions needed. 

Companies facing management issues of Corporate Finance, Compliance, and  Project planning; and looking for a more economical approach to hiring in-house experts, may contract our services

We then provide you with a primary estimation and/or price range, along with all the discounts and payment options that may apply.

Agree on Deal

We shake hands on a win-win Deal. Sign and authenticate the Service agreement contract. 

Minimum 15% invoice due upfront

Work Delivery

Daily Check-in on order status, Possible weekly presentations, For Project Mgmt, deployment of solutions and constant advisory.  We run the numbers and give out-of-the-box thinking of various field experts.

A lump sum is expected at the end of the service, or after 30 days of the final invoice; whichever comes first.

Note however that travel and telecommunication cost are on the clients. We give full disclosure of the expenses.

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