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Startup Advisors, Investment Specialists, Field Emeritus? Find out who are the people who crossed path at Blitt Capital.


~ Millennials  ~

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Creative spirits, resolute millennials and independent thinkers: "We are the last of a dying breed."

Companies and founders we partner with all meet these rare requisites.

We push when we see potential and our team mirrors this selectivity:

hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win.

Many formed or built companies of their own before joining Blitt Capital.

Many succeeded under other consulting firms and ultimately chose our elite one.

Each shares the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knows its pain and troubles.

Our contribution always comes from a filtered decision-making of us working together.

We do great work but we still shy away from the spotlight.

Team are assembled per projects. May it be small and tactical.

We stay mindful of lessons learned and eternal truths.

Nonprofits and charities are also part of the picture.

They bring intense meaning to the work and a visible impact.

And while we’re sometimes called investors, that is just trying to fit us in a box.

Partners for the long term build legendary companies!

To the Daring,

Startup Advisers

We partner early and do not shy away from the imperfection of new ventures. Advisers help founders from day zero, and see their businesses take shape.

Growth Consultants

Young companies need to find their stride and established ones seek step-function growth. The opportunity to enlarge your portfolio of companies and networks of contacts are countless. Corporate Finance, Compliance, Technology, Human and Project management consultancy help organizations become enduring businesses.

Investment Specialists

These expert functions are dedicated to the success of our portfolio companies. Making sound decisions for them, and allocating funds in profitable ventures. You will be at the back-end of the US and European Capital Markets, gathering live economic data for top-level management of Fortune 1000 companies.

Nonprofit Grant Writers

Most nonprofits need large cash injections for human resources and their philanthropist activities. Killer grant proposals is not made of only skills but of grantor-grantee relations. Set your dream charity on the path of success with deep industry doors opened by Blitt Capital networks.

Account Management and Experts

We bring together field experts under one roof, so our clients do not have to hire them for lengthy periods. Experts learn to apply their skills on different businesses, projects and industries.

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