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Who are we
Our Story

Blitt Capital was founded by Millennials with diverse backgrounds and magnanimity, in the hopes of always raising industry standards when managing its portfolio of investments, and while funneling venture capital funds for new and profitable ventures.

Our Vision

We aspire to reach the scale of sustainability to incubate leadership in all communities and use our global reach to convene the conversation that will leverage challenges facing economies and the capital markets.

Our Mission

We are committed to assisting and developing like-minded institutions and entrepreneurs that will impact tomorrow's business world — with increased trust, sustainable growth, talents development, and greater collaboration. 

We want to impact the working community by cultivating the Art of the Possible and engage in ventures leading to essential social impact.  

This is our purpose — and why we exist as an organization.

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Blitt Capital Holding Ltd. is a global advisory and broking firm that helps institutions and individuals turn ideas into tangible assets.

Blitt Capital © is the brand under which a number of dedicated professionals on three (3) continents collaborate to provide financial advisory, project management, corporate consulting, HR, and IT solutions to its clientele. Each affiliate provides services in particular geographic areas and is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country in which it operates.

In this regard, Blitt Capital assists a number of startups and small businesses with simplified analytics and solutions to optimize benefits, manage risks, cultivate talents, and expand capitals of our clients. 

How we work

Companies facing management issues of Corporate Finance, Compliance, and  Project planning; and looking for a more economical approach to hiring in-house experts, may contract our services

We designate you a Pod or build a custom team of Technical Analyst Consultants to work on your Mgmt request. You also get an account executive for 24/7 assistance. We may even invite a field emeritus. :P


Free Consult

We will dedicate up to a whole hour of free advisory services to understand your business/individual needs, and give you first-aid solutions and inferred expert actions needed. 

We then provide you with a primary estimation and/or price range, along with all the discounts and payment options that may apply.

Agree on Deal

We shake hands on a win-win Deal. Sign and authenticate the Service agreement contract. 

Minimum 15% invoice due upfront

Our process

To meet our business consultants, 

select your location.

Tel: +1 (703) 457 6688

HQ: Fairfax City 22030

Virginia Commonwealth

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